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Rose Mary Fountain Bell
William C. Bell

Born April 25, 1955 in Tunnel Springs, Alabama to William and Jannie Bell Fountain. Rose is the fifth child of seven children. Rose is a proud member of the Forth generation of the Elisha and Mary Fountain descents. Rose’s childhood was spent running and walking up and down the red dirt roads, working in the fields,
playing with her siblings and cousins
and gaining wisdom from her great uncles
and aunts.

In 1973 Rose graduated from J. F. Shields High school in Beatrice, Alabama, Rose was a very active student during her high school years. Rose was on the varsity cheerleading squad, and had the awesome experience of cheering the basketball team to a state championship in 1972. After high school Rose attended Alabama A&M University and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Rose has always had a passion for making life better for others so she decided that working with the student government while at A&M would be the best way to achieve her passion. During her sophomore year Rose was elected to the Homecoming Court to represent the student body at A&M. Over the past twenty five years, Rose have enjoyed a rewarding career in education with the Huntsville City School system. It has allowed her the opportunity to work with High school students to teach, shape, support, and encourage them to live their best life.

While attending Alabama A&M University
Rose met William Carl Bell, a tall, handsome, kind, respectful, and Godly young man who won her heart. William was an Engineering Major, worked at Tennessee Valley Authority for fifteen years and the City of Huntsville for the past twenty three years. They were married in November 1982 and blessed with two wonderful and beautiful children, Daughter Brittney Joy Bell and Son William Carl Bell II. William and Rose made there home in Huntsville, Alabama where they reside.

At an early age Rose’s parents had the wisdom to teach her and siblings the benefit of hard work and the importance of loving and staying connected to family. They also installed these key principles; Dream Big Dreams, Take theTime to do Things Right, Make Wise Choices, and Always Wear a Smile.

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