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Nettie O. Davison Lett
Nettie is the oldest girl of six children born to the proud parents of
Nettie and Aubrey Davison on July 14,1947, in Tunnels Springs, Alabama. Named after her mother, but all her family members know her as Sista. She was one of the nicest looking young ladies (still is) in the
Tunnel Springs and Monroeville area. Nettie was in the
graduating class of 1965 from Monroe County High School now J.F. Shields. When family came home from Pensacola, Mississippi, Cleveland and other places, they enjoyed hanging out with Nettie. Sista has been a positive role model for the young female cousins in the family.
Nettie became a caregiver at an early age, being responsible for the caring of her mother during her illness until passing in 1972. Nettie inherited the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother and sister, including the managing of their household. Unfortunately, Nettie didn’t get a chance to
complete college because of her family obligations. Nettie was happy to encourage and support her younger sister
Audrey while pursuing a Degree in Finance at Tuskegee University.
Nettie was gifted with management skills and went on to acquire many jobs in the area such as secretary at J. F. Shields High School, secretary RSVP office and many others.
She amazed her employers with an excellent quality of work and the outstanding work ethics instilled in her by her parents, her employers saw the potential she possessed and was willing to invest in her future by offering, to pay her tuition to college.
Nettie has memories of Family Reunions back in the early 1970’s when they were held in Pensacola, Florida. The
ladies would cook and bring dishes from home to serve at the reunions. The Reunions were held at the 506 club just to get together as a family and reconnect. Nettie has also been instrumental in the planning
and the execution of plans for most of the family reunions held

in Tunnel Springs and Monroeville, Alabama.
Nettie is a 4th generation of Elisha and Mary Fountain decent, with a very modest personality, and doesn’t like the spotlight. Nettie has donated most of her life to not only her immediate family, but also her extended families. Nettie is the mother of two handsome and devoted sons. Douglas L. Davison and Thomas A. Davison.

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