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Minnie Lee Richardson Williams

Minnie Lee Richardson was born in Pensacola Florida on October 17, 1939 to parents, Eddie Lee and Mary Sheppard Richardson. Minnie was the youngest child born to the couple, but her mother died just six weeks later after her birth. Minnie’s older siblings Willie Edward and Bobbie Jane were raised by their paternal grandmother, also named Minnie Lee. Minnie was raised by her mother’s sister Georgia Ranaldson known as Tut. Although Tut was very young and not married it has been said that she begged for Minnie. Mae Shepp knowing that she would not survive wanted her older sister Rosie Lee to take the infant, but Tut persisted and was given consent to raise Minnie Lee.

Tut took very good care of her family and was known to be no nonsense, honest, God fearing and hardworking. When Minnie was ten years old, Tut had a son, Samuel Elisha. Samuel and Minnie were raised as brother and sister. As family members relocated north for better opportunities, Tut moved to Cleveland, Ohio while Minnie was in High School. Minnie and Samuel would later move after Minnie graduated. Until then, Minnie and Sam would stay with her sister Bobbie until Tut would send for them in 1959.

On July 11, 1959 Minnie and Sam would venture to Ohio with Minnie’s older brother Willie and his family, who had come to Pensacola for a visit. Initially Minnie did not like Cleveland until she got her first job at Western Reserve University print shop, now known as Case Western Reserve University.

Minnie would later meet and marry Christopher Williams on January 26, 1963. To this union the couple had two daughters, Regina and Kristie. The couple would eventually own a few businesses including a Sunoco Gas Station where Minnie was the bookkeeper. This skill would serve Minnie for years as she worked as an auditor clerk at Cook United and then in sales at May Company until her retirement in 2008.

In 2018, Minnie relocated back to Pensacola where she has been enjoying the sunshine. She has also been able to continue doing the things she loves including traveling, sewing, baking, creative projects and writing. Minnie attributes her love of writing to her Aunt Tut, who gave her a pen set around the age of 8 years old and hopes to publish her first book soon.

Written by Kristie Marie Williams

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