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Mary Isabella “Bella “ Slade.
Mary is the 4th generation of the 3rd Noble Nine- Elisha Fountain Jr.

Her Grandparents Elisha and Carrie Fountain raised Mary, after the death of their oldest child Viola Mary’s mother. She is the youngest of 7 siblings all of which are deseased now, John Esther ,Robert Lee, Charlie Edward, Mary Ethel,Vernice, and Roy Madison Jr.

Life at home in Tunnel Springs Alabama was hard, working in the fields, milking the cows, feeding the animals and carrying water from the spring to wash the cloths and for all the other household uses. But there was also fun times playing with the other kids, relatives usual lived near each other so you were never without someone to give you a pat on head or play marbles with.

Mary attended Antioch Elementary School, which is now Antioch Cemetery.
Rosenwald Jr High School, which is no more, and Monroe County Training School (MCT), which is now J.F. Shields High School, located in Beatrice Alabama. Mary played basketball and ran track in High School.

Papa and Mama always insisted that all of us was to be kind to everyone and always tell the truth, it would go better for you when whipping time came. (Smile)
They also taught us to never eat a meal without saying a bible verse or praying, a habit Mary still adheres to in her home today. Mary married Van Slade and they have 3 children Stanley, Gregory, and Elonda. She also has 5 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

One of Mary’s fondest memories is of Papa, Uncle Major, Uncle Pig, Aunt Georgina (uncle Pig’s wife) and Aunt Maybess sitting on the porch After coming in from the fields at noon time eating their lunch and laughing and talking.
Mary is doing well and currently resides in San Mateo California close to her children and grandkids.

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Tunnel Springs
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San Mateo
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