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Affectionately known as Big Mama, by her grandchildren and Aunt Mae Bess, by her nieces and nephews, Mary Elizabeth Fountain Stanton, was born June 21, 1897- the eighth child of Elisha, Sr. and Mary Fountain in Tunnel Springs, AL.
Mary married Lonzell Stanton in (or around) 1918. Together they had 8 children. The family was reared first in Tunnel Springs then later moved to Peterman, Alabama. Mary’s husband, Lonzell supported his family working as a farmer while Mary worked dutifully in the home.
Upon Lonzell’s passing in July, 1942, Mary and the family moved back to Tunnel Springs, Alabama. Her last home in Alabama was on what is currently known as Produce Road. There she always enjoyed daily visits with her sister-in-law and best friend, Aunt Carrie Fountain, who so lovingly referred to her as Bess.
As Mary’s health began to decline, she moved to Moss Point, Mississippi to be with her children. Her devoted nephew, Willie Frank “Bug” Fountain Sr. always kept a watchful eye on her.
Mary and Lonzell’s children were raised to work hard and to be productive citizens. It was always instilled in their children and grandchildren to be strong, loving toward one another, and present in happy as well as bad times- always realizing that a family is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. At the time of Mary’s death she had out lived 4 of her 8 children and was the last of the Noble Nine.

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