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Leona (Peaches) Fountain-Patmon

I must start out by saying I am grateful to God for allowing me to be part of this Wonderful Fountain
My story is not profound in any way, but I must say the foundation that was led by Bug and Jannie Bell
was remarkable. It went something like this, hard work is the only way to have any measure of success
in this world. My father had a saying…” it is best to work out instead of rusting out”. I came to learn
that to be true. My siblings will have a different take on my working in the cotton fields, harvesting
the gardens with their thoughts of me not doing my fair share. But under the teachings of our parents
being lazy was not an option for no one that lived under their roof.
Growing up in Tunnel Springs did not totally prepare me to navigate this big world, but what it did
prepare me for was a thing called “Mother wit.” This is a saying you won’t find in the dictionary. It
means you use your brains to analyze whatever the situation may be. With common sense thinking
you make the best decision you can and try to work twice as hard as the next person to have a more
successful outcome.
During my time at J.F. Shields High School I was involved in Cheerleading, Student Government and I was
VP of our Senior class. After becoming a teenager, I always managed to obtain summer jobs in order to
purchase school clothes. Two of my mentors during that period was Rose and Ann. They kept me
grounded on subjects from dating to wearing too much makeup. We lacked some of the common
exposures that kids in the city had such as the opportunity to attend movie theaters, skating rinks and
etc… We never thought about it, we were so busy enjoying the simple things of life such as playing
baseball in Uncle Elijah’s pasture after church.
I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Management at Eastern Michigan
University, Ypsilanti, Michigan. My career began at Electronic Data Systems. I worked in various
departments of Accounting for 15 years. Later I transition to Hewlett Packard. My responsibilities were
in the Financial Management area for 9 years. Finally, an Account takeover resulted in me
landing at General Motors for 6 years working as an Asset Manager.
My husband Vincent and I have been married for 33 years. We have 2 children, Monique and Logan
Patmon and one wonderful grandson, Maddox Smith.
This is my story with much LOVE to the Fountain Family and that special little place called Tunnel Springs, Alabama.

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