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“The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?” Psalms 27. Georgia “Mae” Dixon was born August 11, 1931. She was the 8th child born to Anthony and Luella Fountain. Georgia Mae attended Washington High School. She attended Pensacola Junior College. She later in life became a Nurse Assistant. Georgia Mae was a woman that loved to both give and serve. Her gift was the gift of Hospitality and Servant. “But I come not that I may be served, but that I may serve” Mathew 20:28. Later on Georgia Mae would catch the eye of a handsome suitor named Junior Craig Dixon, a Sailor in the Navy, who would marry her and their union birthed 3 children. Something happened we know not, but Georgia stayed in Pensacola to raise her three children. And Granddad moved to Georgia. They never divorced. She raised Georgia Gerraine Dixon, Lurene Dixon, and Donald Craig Dixon. As of this day, Gerraine (Not Present) begat 9 children their children begat 9 (Amber Johnson Not Present), Lurene begat 3, their 3 begat 3 children, and Donald had 5 and their 5 begat 2. “Be fruitful and multiply” Genesis 1:22
One thing that is without question, Georgia Mae loved to cook. Her home was the hub that drew her family. She knew how to bring the family together. Cooking was one of the things she liked to do for family.
One of the last jobs she held was working at Magnolia Nursing Home in Pensacola. Workers Comp forced her to retire permanently. She was passionate about serving the elderly. Her heart would hurt when they were mistreated. It’s no wonder she became a Nurse Assistant. Any problem we had, her default response was always take it to the Lord. Trouble on the job, take it to the Lord. Trouble in relationships, take it to the Lord. You have pain in you back, take it to the Lord. She always said put the Lord first.
The Lord called this matriarch home on August 23rd, 2005 just 12 days after we celebrated her final birthday. As of this day, 1-31-2019, Georgia Mae leaves behind 17 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.
To God be the glory, Amen.

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