Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate?

  • You can also send a check made payable to 2019 Fountain Family Reunion and mail to the address below.
    • Fountain Family Reunion
    • C/O Ashtin Fountain
    • 2610 Grayton Lane
    • Woodbridge, VA 22191

What will my donation support?

  • To help cover the cost of publishing the 2nd Edition of the Elisha Fountain Family Book.   
    • This will be a comprehensive expansion of the first book published in 1997 with the theme of Legacy, Achievement and a Strong Future and will be supported by significant genealogy research;
    • The estimated cost to update and publish book is $8,200
  • To help cover the cost to launch and maintain the Elisha Fountain Sr. Family Website
    • This will allow for a private, secure online space for family interactions featuring online reunion registrations and payments, family book orders, a searchable family directory and much more;
    • The family website will pick up where the 2nd Edition of the Elisha Fountain Family Book stops. It will help capture and archive our family history going forward with family news events (graduations, weddings, births, deaths, etc.); photos with identification captions; and online biographies of individual family members.
    • The estimated cost to launch site is $3,500; annual support and maintenance cost is approximately $500.
  • Award the first Elisha Fountain Sr. College Scholarship(s)
    • This will allow us to assist deserving family member(s) in their pursuits to earn a college degree;
    • Will award at least $2,000 in scholarships. Depending on donations received, scholarship awards could be higher.
  • With any residual funds, establish a family reunion investment account
    • This will be used to offset the cost of future reunions by covering early expenditures to secure venues, marketing, etc.
    • This will eliminate the need for family members that volunteer to host family reunions from having to use personal funds and will also help improve the planning process.
    • Funds will also be used to help support and maintain the family website

How and when will scholarship(s) be awarded?

  • Application criteria will be published in January/February 2019 along with the application submission deadline.
  • Graduating high school seniors that are descedents of Elisha Fountain Sr. will be eligible to apply.
  • A Scholarship Selection Team will be assembled and will review applications and select scholarship recipient(s).
  • Scholarship(s) will be awarded at the banquet during the 2019 Reunion.

How will donations and any residual funds be managed?

  • A 2019 Financial Report will be published and posted on the Family Website in August/September 2019. The report will detail final expenses associated with the reunion, the cost of publishing the family book, launching the family website and scholarship awards. The report will also detail income received from reunion registration fees, family book sales, profile pages and donations.
  • An investment account will be established by the end of December 2019 in accordance with IRS rules. A small group of representatives from the various family branches will be established to manage the account and will be selected by the 2019 Reunion Planning Committee.  

Funds will be invested in conservative investment instruments such as money market funds, treasury bills, etc. and periodic financial reports will be posted on the family website to facilitate complete transparency.