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Carrie (Sugar Gal) was born in Tunnel Spring, on June 5th, the youngest of 11 children. As a child, she enjoyed riding their blind mule, playing with the snake holes, playing with her kittens, working in her mother's gardens and spending time with her sisters and brothers. She does admit that when she got older, working in the fields was not easy, but it was something she had to do to help her family. In Sugar Gal free time she loved spending time with her favorite cousins Jethrolonia (Boot) and Voncile, her niece Arzella (Sister) and nephew Roosevelt (Goat). Also, Sugar Gal had two special friends she played with their name was Snoop and Nell.

After leaving Tunnel Springs, at the age of fourteen, she moved to Pensacola, Florida and finish school. During the summer months she would help her brothers and sisters raise their children. After graduating from high school, Carrie went to vocational school to major in business and tailor. In her spare time Sugar Gal loved sewing.

Carrie married her longtime friend and love, Ralph Jones, in May 22, 1962. Carrie and Ralph have five children: Dominger, Ralph Jr., Renay, Lenelson and Carlos, 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. Carrie love to love on her great-grandchildren. She is sweet, easy going and very...witty.

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Tunnel Spring
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Tunnel Springs
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