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Bonnie Fountain-Richardson was born in Cleveland, Ohio on September 4th 1957. She is the oldest child of Jeff Hall Fountain and Lois Fountain.

Bonnie was raised in Cleveland and grew up visiting her grandparents – Elisha Jr. and Carrie Hall in Tunnel Springs, Alabama. She loved visiting Tunnel Springs and playing with her cousins on the red dirt roads. Sometimes she would even go to school with them. Her biggest excitement during those visits was hearing her grandmother (Carrie) play the accordion which she inherited 40 years ago and still has to this day. And the interactions she had with her cousins during those days helped establish life long bonds and strengthen her love of family.

She attended Warrensville Heights High School where she graduated in 1975. Soon after graduating she met the love of her life, David Richardson. Bonnie and David married in August of 1977 and moved to Los Angeles soon thereafter. She lived in Los Angeles until her mom became ill. She moved back to Cleveland at that time to care for her mom and worked for the family owned business selling jewelry and traveling. She also attended the University of Phoenix where she majored in Business Administration.

Bonnie loves kids and her greatest joy was becoming a stay at home mom to teach and mold her five children. As a grandmother today, she enjoys teaching her 10 grandchildren how to cook those down-home soul food meals her father and aunts taught her and sharing her fond memories of Tunnel Springs and her grandparents – Pretty Papa and Pretty Mama. Her love of family and nurturing spirit continues to have positive impacts on those that matter the most – our next generation.

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