Arto Fountain

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Arto Fountain was born April 11, 1930 in Tunnel Springs, Alabama. He was the seven child to Anthony and Luella Fountain. Even though life was hard growing up, Arto always supported his parents to do what had to be done to help the family. He help tend to the fields and gardens. During his free time from the fields he loved teaching his younger siblings how to maintain things around the house.

After graduating from the little white school house named Rosewell in Tunnel Spring, Arto moved to Pensacola, Florida to live with other family members for a few years. After his short stay in Pensacola, he decided to move to Cleveland, Ohio to live with his older brother Leon. While living in Cleveland he worked in retail for many years.

Arto was never married and had no children. His brother and sister describe him as a soft spoken and humble man who loved his family.

Birth Date of Family Mamber
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Tunnel Spring
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Tunnel Spring

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